Email Marketing Legal Requirements You Should Follow

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Email Marketing Legal Requirements You Should Follow

Email marketing is a fast, effective and relatively inexpensive way to market to today’s technology-centered consumer market. Because of the high response rate email marketing garners, businesses are turning to it more and more often to promote their products and services. This means more and more people are getting mass emails and that, in turn, the government is responding with stricter policies dictating what can and cannot be done via email marketing messages. Along with these regulations come considerable penalties for not following them. Keep your business in the know and in the clear by following these email marketing legal requirements:  
  • Do not mislead recipients with your message header. Make sure your “To” and “From” are correct and truthful, as well as your routing information (domain name and email address).
  • Don’t use a subject line that is not reflective of the content in the message. The subject and email content must coincide.
  • Identify your message as an ad. There are inconspicuous ways of doing this, but it must be clearly stated somewhere in your message that the message is an advertisement.
  • You must include a valid mailing address for your business site somewhere in the email message.
  • Give your recipients an opt-out. You need to include instructions for opting out of your mailing list in a clear format in your emails. If you want, you may include a menu of different opt-out options (monthly newsletter, weekly specials, etc.), but you must always also include the option to no longer receiving commercial emails in any form from your business.
  • Process and respond to opt-out requests in a timely manner. Any mailing list opt-out request must be honored within ten business days. Additionally, any opt-out mechanism you have embedded in your emails must be able to send opt-out requests for at least thirty days.
  • Obey opt-out rules. You cannot charge a customer anything for opting out, nor can you require that they do anything to opt-out other than reply to your email or click on a dedicated opt-out link on your website. You cannot transfer or sell customers’ email addresses, even as part of a mailing list, after they choose to opt-out.
  • You must shoulder full responsibility for your email marketing campaigns. That means that even if you hire a company to handle your email marketing for you, you are still responsible for the legalities of the campaign. Monitor closely.
  Be sure to keep these guidelines in mind when planning your next email marketing campaign. Doing your part to uphold the legal aspects of email marketing will not only save your business from some serious fines, but it will also work toward maintaining email marketing’s positive reputation among consumers. Call us, Local SEO Ranking Services, for your next email marketing campaign. Our specialty is creative, effective and fully legal email marketing and we are reachable by phone (616) 824-0121 or email: Local SEO Ranking Services.
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