Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

In the world that we live in today, mobile phones have become a part of our lives, always in hand and included into our work and way of life. It is no wonder that business people have opted to use mobile advertising strategy. Mobile advertising is a method of advertising through mobile phones or other devices. This type of advertising takes place in real-time where your customers receive your promotional messages instantly. As opposed to other forms of advertising text messages get read and replied to within a few minutes making it highly effective. Besides being fast, mobile coupons have a 15%-40% redemption rate compared to ordinary coupons that have a 2% redemption rate. The reason mobile advertising is growing so fast is because the strategy is an opt-in method. That means that customers are at liberty to choose to subscribe to relevant messages of their choice. Because of that, the strategy becomes less intrusive compared to other forms of advertising. In mobile advertising, vendors text messages of advertisement to their prospective customers who have accepted to receive them from their company. As a vendor, you give your outlook a unique keyword to text to a number that is like a telephone number. Having done that, the owner of the number receives a text message requesting them to confirm if they are interested in subscribing to your messages. After they confirm, you can then send them promotion messages to their phone when there is something happening in your business. Mobile advertising is the most rapidly growing marketing strategy to promote businesses, brands , services and organizations today. Via mobile advertising medical practitioners can save their time and money by sending their patients an SMS reminding them about their next appointments. In comparison to traditional methods of advertising this method is cheaper, personal and immediate. This has increased customer loyalty, awareness and sales because it created a greater connection between customers and businesses. This is one of the key factors that have led to its rapid establishment. With the current upswing of new generation of mobile phones and pda’s the computers will be replaced because people can get access to the web via their mobile devices. For people who want to reach a new breed of customers mobile advertising is the way to go. Albeit new, mobile advertising is a good way in which a company can build its profile or brand with a properly targeted audience. Mobile marketing is mostly used for product launches, coupons, offers and special promotions. Besides its mobility, mobile advertising is beneficial because it helps you to get accurate records of promotion results. This method of marketing also helps marketers to quantify the results of their advertisements and measure its effectiveness accurately. This marketing strategy is most popular among companies selling fast-moving consumer foods and those in finance and beauty industries. In opt-in mobile advertising consumers get a chance to choose what information they would like to receive, while at the same time giving vital demographic data about themselves. This motivates the consumers to be attentive and responsive to information they choose to receive. If you are ready to start using mobile advertising in your business, contact us, Local SEO Ranking Services.
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