6 Email Marketing Tips for Your Business


6 Email Marketing Tips for Your Business

Email marketing is the most personal marketing method ever. Therefore, email marketing campaigns if done right are personable. Gone is the day of the fervent product pitch. Today’s customer wants to be spoken to, and with respect. How do you do that with your email marketing message and still get your point across? Effective communication with today’s fickle consumer market is not rocket science, but it comes pretty close. You need to scream, “Choose me!” in a way that reads like, “Have a nice day.” Take the guesswork out of your email marketing plan and make sure your message is not lost in translation by following these six email marketing tips for your business:


  1. Comply with the CAN-SPAM act. This policy outlines some strict guidelines when it comes to what you can and cannot legally do with your email marketing. Always be straight-forward and honest in your subject and header lines. Customers don’t like feeling like they’ve been tricked into reading an email, and the law is on their side.


  1. Get permission. Only mail to people who have opted-in, then tailor your email campaigns to their specifics. Always give readers a chance to opt-out, and honor opt-out requests on time.


  1. Create a targeted mailing list. If you use your website to generate interest in your mailing list, you can also ask customers to answer a few questions about how they want marketing presented to them.


  1. Develop long-term relationships with recipients. Sending out regular, concise messages to keep in touch and stay fresh in customers’ minds is much more effective than blasting them with a huge promo only on holidays.


  1. Give your recipients something besides a solicitation for business. Part of building trust and earning customer loyalty is to offer something of sustenance each time you send a message. Be sure to include a useful or interesting bit of information along with each promo you send. That way, recipients who aren’t necessarily in the market for your product or service at that time will still feel they are getting something useful from your emails.


  1. Focus on the words. Many email programs filter out graphics. Ensure your customers are able to read your messages by using flat text and hyperlinks.


Marketing to email recipients is much different from other forms advertising. The customers control the experience, and the customers get to tell you – the business – if, when and how they want to receive your marketing message. Therefore, respect for the customer’s preferences is of utmost important to the success of any email marketing campaign. We at Local SEO Ranking Services understand how to create and carry out successful email marketing campaigns, and ensuring a high rate of return is our priority. Contact us at (616) 824-0121 or email: Local SEO Ranking Services to see what we can do for your business’s next email marketing venture.

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