5 Reasons Why a Google Places Listing is Essential For Your Business

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5 Reasons Why a Google Places Listing is Essential For Your Business

Google Places, part of Google Maps, is one of the latest of Google’s internet business tools that you can use to make your business known to millions of new potential customers with relatively little effort.  The concept of Google Places is for each place on Google Maps to have a website.  When you create a Place page with Google, you automatically list your business in Google’s Search engine results and at this time can create a marker for it on Google Maps.  Don’t let your business fall under the radar by not securing its spot in Google Places.  Here are five reasons why a Google Places listing is essential for your business:

The Internet is the number one place people go to search for businesses.  As a matter of fact, twenty percent of all Google searches are for local businesses.  Gone is the day of the ten-pound telephone book.  In today’s world, technology is key when advertising for new customers and staying current in the minds of already established customers.  Simply put, if you are not readily available online, you will lose customers to businesses that are.

You create your Google Places page to speak for your business and to your target audience.  Google Places allows you to call the shots when it comes to creating copy for your page and uploading pictures and videos, allowing you to create a user experience that is completely customized to your business’s message.

Optimize your Places page for best search engine return.  Taking a few simple steps toward optimizing your business’s page can offer significant improvements in engine results return.  You are in control of how well your Places page performs and may alter your page as often as you like.

A Google Places page acts as more than just a yellow pages listing.  Use your business’s page to give links to your website, post videos of your team hard at work, and request customer feedback.  Places pages also allow you to interact with your customers, who are able to write-up reviews and post them on your page.

Google Places is optimized for mobile searching.  These days people use the Internet from their mobile phones more often than they do their laptops or home computers.  Google Places puts your business in front of these customers in a viewer-friendly interface, making it easy for you to reach this important sector of the consumer market.

If you have an interest in keeping your business relevant in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven market, then it is essential that you list your business with Google Places.  Google has made the process fast, easy and free.  With a little effort, you can have your own Places page up and running.  Ensure your page’s success by calling us, Local SEO Ranking Services, where we specialize in Google optimization.

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