10 Ultra Profitable Ideas For Using Private Label Rights Products

10 Ultra Profitable Ideas For Using Private Label Rights Products

private label rightsI talk to a lot of people who have tons of (PLR) private label rights products on their hard drive and 95% of them (probably more) aren’t doing anything with them.

Now in my opinion if you can get private label rights to something (no matter what niche it’s in) you should buy it. Private label rights are the ONLY thing you will ever hear me tell you to buy it all, but I say it for a good reason!

Private label rights products are GOLD because of all the profitable things you can do with them.

I wrote this blog post to give you 10 different profitable ways that you can use private label rights content to make yourself some money.

Take notes, print this blog post out, or whatever you have to do, but take action on what I’m about to share with you. It will make you money…

Tactic #1: Video Marketing – Take all those PLR articles you have and create a slideshow video with your voice reading the article on the video. You could do several of these and submit them to the top video directories for a ton of backlinks to your money site!

Tactic #2: Blog Posts – Any type of PLR content makes great blog posts. Comb through your hard drive and organize your PLR content into niches. Then take the first product and create a blog post with it. You could chop up ebooks, reports, and/or videos and post them. You could also post PLR articles as they are.

When you get one niche blog going, move on to another niche! This will give you multiple streams of income!

Tactic #3: Paid Newsletter – Find several different ebooks in one niche. Then use them to create monthly newsletters, and charge for access!

Tactic #4: Your Own PLR Product – Combine several PLR products and create your own unique PLR product. (Make sure you have the right to offer rights with the content you use.)

Tactic #5: Video Product – Take an ebook you have PLR to and either turn it into a video series yourself or pay someone over at Guru.com to do it for you. This will give you an instant unique product you could sell. With this tactic you could be in several niches with several different products.

Again, that means multiple streams of income!

Tactic #6: Article Marketing – Rewrite PLR articles and post them on as many web 2.0 properties (Squidoo, HubPages, Weebly, BlinkWeb, etc.) This is another great way to get tons of backlinks to your money site!

Tactic #7: Affiliate Tools – Have your own products? Then use PLR content to create brandable reports that advertise your product. Then allow your affiliates to brand them with their own affiliate links.

Tactic #8: Go High Ticket – Bundle several PLR products in the same niche together and turn them into a physical product. You can charge a lot more for this kind of product, so you’ll be making more money!

Tactic #9: Free Offer – Turn a PLR product into a free offer that you use to give away from a squeeze page. This will allow you to have something to entice people into giving up their name and email address and you can build your list.

Tactic #10: Back End Products – You’ll never get rich selling ONE product. So take those PLR products and turn them into backend products that you can sell to existing customers.

Okay, there you go. Take this information and go start making some money!

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