Mobile Marketing – 5 Ways To Reach Your Customers On Their Mobile Device

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Mobile Marketing – 5 Ways To Reach Your Customers On Their Mobile Device


Mobile marketing is ever evolving, and so must you. Know how to bring technology to your advantage. Here are some of the top ways to reach customers on their mobile device;


1. SMS and MMS Marketing.


Since the introduction of mobile phones back in early 2000s, SMS or text marketing has evolved as another important medium of direct advertising. SMS marketing mainly involves the collection of consumer mobile phone numbers usually by registration of the customer using a ‘keyword’ sent to a ‘short code.’ Upon registration, the customer mobile phone number is added to a messaging platform database which sends mass messages of special promotions or updates. Because SMS marketing provides some sort of personalized update system from a firm, it does not only help in convincing potential repeat customers but also builds the foundation for a customer ‘brand loyalty.’


MMS (Multimedia Message Service) marketing is almost the same as SMS marketing in terms of its role. The main difference is perhaps MMS messages are ‘media rich.’ With higher functionalities, this type of advertising is generally more interactive. MMS messages may even contain links that can drive traffic to websites.


2. Mobile Web Marketing


Mobile devices are often connected to the web, and this has always been one of the key features that consumers always ask for. Most of them buy theirs primarily for the privilege of accessing the web anytime and anywhere. And this is where you must take advantage. Common yet powerful means of mobile web marketing include mobile search advertising programs, social media marketing, and even e-mail newsletters.


3. Mobile Apps


Mobile games and other applications are already a growing market, and a potential growing market is always an opportunity for a marketer. Sponsoring a few apps is always a good idea, but as a rule of thumb, these apps should be specific to your target niche. App-advertising is still relatively new, and developers are still seeking more ways to integrate ads without disrupting overall customer experience. Sponsoring apps may be expensive, but when properly done, rewards sure are promising.


4. QR Codes


QR, or Quick Response codes is a type of matrix bar code created for tracking purposes. They however, became popular for other uses such as storing information. Mobile devices today have the ability to read and save quick response codes by simply ‘swapping them.’ These QR codes may store important information such as addresses, contact details and website URLs. They may be placed in any form of advertising media such as banners, newsletters, and even magazines. In addition to advertising platforms, QR codes can also be strategically placed on places or objects where users might need information. The convenience of using QR codes to store information on the consumer’s part makes it a very appealing form of mobile marketing technique.


5. User Controlled Means


Bluetooth, infrared, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), and other means of data transfer can offer the pipeline of an effective viral marketing. In this type of mobile marketing, it is the users themselves that introduce new potential customers for you. Mobile content can be virally promoted most effectively by referrals. Here, users encourage their friends to try a service in exchange for some points or other benefits. Users themselves are your marketing tools. Cunning as it can be, this marketing technique has already been proven effective.

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