What Is Mobile Marketing?

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What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a very effective form of advertising products and services to potential customers through mobile communication systems. Mobile marketing can be done in several ways such as using SMS, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), Internet, Mobile applications etc. SMS marketing is one of the easiest and most popular way of reaching new audiences of different age groups. It’s cheaper than other means of marketing, both for the marketer and the customer or consumer. Mobile applications can be developed and listed in application stores for users to download. These applications will then serve as a medium for businesses to reach their customers and advertise their products. The internet can also be used for mobile marketing by creating websites that are mobile friendly i.e websites that are optimized for mobile viewing.


These are some interesting mobile statistics and trends that will give you insight into the potential behind mobile marketing.

  1. The total world population estimate is at 6.8 billion people. Out of the 6.8 billion people on the planet, up to 5.1 billion of them own a mobile phone.
  2. The amount of mobile subscriptions now surpasses the amount of mobile phone users in some countries. This is due to the fact that some people have more than one mobile phone.
  3. Out of the mobile searches being done each day, 70% of them lead to an action within one hour.
  4. It takes just 90 seconds for the average cell phone user to respond to text messages and 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email.
  5. 95 million Americans own at least one smart phone.
  6. The number of people using their mobile phones to check their email is increasing while the number for people using their PCs to check their email is declining.

The numbers mentioned above are estimates.


There are many mobile marketing tools to use to grow your business. These are the most effective ones.

  1. Location based services like Facebook places and foursquare are social media applications. They allow businesses to offer promotions on their products and services and this will in turn help them get more loyal customers. Through location-based services, customers can check-in to your business and tell their friends of their present location.
  2. Email marketing has been a very effective marketing tool for a long time. Now it can be used for mobile marketing considering the number of people using their phones to read their emails is on the rise.
  3. Text messaging or SMS marketing makes it possible to send discounts and promotional messages to customers on their cell phones. One of the main advantages of using SMS is that the read rate is high and most people read their messages immediately when they receive them.
  4. Mobile websites: There are two ways you can approach this. You can either create a mobile website which is usually a lighter version of your website or make your website easier to view and navigate on mobile devices. Mobile websites are better because customers will quickly find the information they want.

Mobile marketing is a good marketing platform to grow your business, your customer base, and your profits. Before you start a campaign, you have to do some research and learn certain strategies. Software tools can also make things easier. If you are ready to get started in mobile marketing contact Local SEO Ranking Services.

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