Why Mobile Marketing Coupons are So Popular

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Why Mobile Marketing Coupons are So Popular

Mobile marketing coupons are paperless coupons sent through technological means.  Statistics show that mobile coupon campaigns receive a much higher response rate than any other marketing method, sometimes yielding up to a seventy percent return!  For that reason, more and more businesses today are starting to use mobile coupons to earn customer loyalty, expand their customer base and increase the efficiency of their marketing portfolios.  You are wondering why and how mobile marketing coupons became so popular.  Here are some good reasons:


  • Mobile marketing agencies are widespread and relatively inexpensive to work with.  A quick online search will return companies that specialize in software to help you plan, design and carry out your mobile coupon campaign.  User-friendly interfaces and accessible customer service departments make working with mobile marketing companies a breeze.


  • There is no need to deal with paper.  This works for both the business and the customer.  As a business, you can forgo the process of designing your coupon layout for print and you can save on the costs of coupon production.  Moreover, going paperless is a step in the right direction toward becoming a green business.  On the customer’s end, there is no paper coupon to clip and store and possibly forget to bring on the next shopping trip.


  • Marketing through technology brings your business up to speed with today’s fast-paced, technology-centered consumer market.  These days, a majority of people have swapped out their home phones in favor of cell phones, which are now so advanced as to offer full computer and internet functions at the tap of a touch-screen.  Never before has it been easier to reach people at a global level and at near lightning speed.


  • Mobile couponing enables quick turn-around times.  There is no print campaign that can offer faster conversion from coupon to customer than mobile couponing.  It is not unusual to send out a mass promotion message and see customers redeeming their coupons within the hour.


  • You have options when it comes to delivering mobile marketing coupons.  You may opt to send your mobile coupons via text message, email or multimedia graphics.  Just create your campaign, choose your technology and click send.


When it comes to reaching customers quickly, efficiently and conveniently, there is no method that compares to mobile marketing.  Using mobile marketing coupons is a great way to grow your business, your customer base and your marketing return rate.  If you have an interest in making mobile coupon marketing work for you, contact Local SEO Ranking Services.  We specialize in creating effective mobile coupon campaigns.

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