There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to optimizing your small business’s Facebook profile. 

First, scheduling and creating posts consistently, without sacrificing the quality of each piece of content on your page, is a must. 

This can be done manually, but it’s typically difficult to maintain any level of consistency and quality when you have to drop everything to post new content at the right time.

We highly recommend having a strategy to batch your content in advance so that it can be scheduled out. 

Facebook will allow you to do this, and there are of course several software solutions on the market. 

The big hurdle is not getting it scheduled, it’s having it ready in advance!

You need to focus on the quality of the content you are posting because your content quality will determine the overall effectiveness of your profile almost no matter what else you do!

This means ensuring that every image is made with a distinct purpose and to the highest quality standards possible, using statistics to guide your future marketing plans on the platform, and crafting content according to current trends in user engagement and site-wide behavior. 

At the end of the day, this can all be a very complicated task to take on, but it doesn’t have to be. We have strategies and solutions that are proven to get users engaged. 

Ask us how we can help!

The Profile Content Matters Too!

The next big thing to consider is the profile images and content itself. It is critical to fill out every piece of content on your business profile possible!

Are you missing your hours of operation? Do you have a custom banner and profile pic? Do your photos tell the story of your offers? When was the last time you posted?

Your goal with a business Facebook profile should be completeness! The long-term benefits of this may shock you!

Do You Want Us To Optimize Your Profile?

Are you ready to have an expert set of eyes on your profile and your Facebook strategy? Ask us for a free consultation and we will review your profile and give you some pointers!

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