Why Every Business Needs Social Media

At its core, social media bridges the gap between your business and your target audience’s personal lives. It allows you to cleverly get your company’s brand imagery, marketing material, products, services, and everything else in front of your audience in an almost passive way. They absorb the content naturally as they go through their newsfeeds.

Beyond the obvious exposure benefits, it also allows you to present your brand in a much more personal way than a TV commercial or site banner. You can actually engage with your audience on the spot, use value-driven content to drive that audience to your website, and push conversions; all with minimal expense.

With the majority of the population spending a massive amount of time on social media, this unique digital sphere presents advantages that your business can’t get from any other marketing channel. 

Why Brand Alignment Is Critical In Social Media

Brand alignment is how your company’s internal values, culture, and message fits into its overall identity. You often see this with big companies releasing commercials covering trending topics, but there’s a big problem with that. The company often looks like a bunch of manipulative salesmen. Customers don’t like that.

Luckily, social media provides a much easier way for you to develop a brand identity and align that with what your customers see consistently.

Each post, video, ad, and additional piece of content is an opportunity to align your brand with your brand’s messaging and values in subtle, more authentic, and meaningful ways.

In the end, this makes your company stand out with your target audience, and it leads to higher conversions since customers can connect with you on a more emotional level. 

Basic Tactics to Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media

You’re likely looking for ways to make the most of your social media presence besides just engaging with customers and sharing marketing materials. After all, you need them to go to your site and take advantage of your offers if you want to drive conversions.

Here are some basic tactics used to do just that.

Value-Driven Content: Many customers turn to your page to learn more about what you offer. By posting quick informational pieces that provide that, you can link back to your site as a resource.

Promotional Content: Social media is the perfect place to post a quick promotional advertisement with a link to your online storefront; driving traffic and conversions at once.

Short Videos: Short videos are all the rage on social media right now, and due to their limited content potential, they’re perfect for introducing a concept and referring to your site for further information. 

How We Do Social Media A Little Differently

Our Approach to Social Media is a bit different than what you have likely seen before. We have a proprietary R.E.C.I.P.E to create more engagement and get your offers seen by more people. If you would like to learn more we are happy to walk you through the strategy and show you real-world examples in action!

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