5 Reasons Why Text Marketing is Better than Other Marketing

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5 Reasons Why Text Marketing is Better than Other Marketing

SMS (short message service) marketing, or text marketing, is quickly becoming one of the most sought after forms of business marketing today.  Text message marketing gained initial popularity in 2008, when President Obama’s public relations committee used it to announce the vice-presidential candidate.  Since then, everything from sports teams to grocery stores have opted to jump on the SMS bandwagon.  So, why all of this interest in text messaging?  Here are five good reasons why text marketing is better than other marketing:


  1. Text marketing is fast.  The time it takes to carry out the phases of a text message marketing campaign is dramatically lower than other marketing methods.  Businesses may conceive, design, plan and launch a mass text message in less than one day, enabling conveyance of real-time information when it is necessary.  This gives businesses who use text marketing an edge when competing in the market, being the first to offer a new, high-demand product or service.  Additionally, it’s not unusual to see customer response within an hour of sending a text marketing message.
  2. Customers opt in to receive your texts.  That means you are only marketing to people who have expressed an interest in seeing what you have to offer.  Subscribers to your texts either already like your product or service, or want to know more about it, so when you invest in a text message marketing campaign, you are only paying to market to people who are most likely to give you their business and spread the word.
  3. Text marketing is accessible.  You do not have to hire a marketing guru or a computer programmer to get your business’s text marketing campaign up and running.  Creating and launching a text marketing campaign is relatively inexpensive and fairly simple to do.  Just choose a mobile marketing company that specializes in providing software to businesses that have an interest in using text marketing, pay a small monthly fee to use their service, and manage your text marketing campaign from the software’s user-friendly interface.
  4. The statistics work in your favor.  Studies show that there is an open rate of ninety-seven percent of all text messages.  Eighty-three percent of those messages, within one hour are read.  On top of that, text message marketing incites a higher response rate than any other marketing method available today, sometimes bringing in returns as high as seventy percent!
  5. Using text message marketing to promote your business puts you at the forefront of modernity.  If you want your business to thrive, you must keep up.  The best way to reach people in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven consumer market is through their technological devices.  Moreover, “going green” is a huge trend in business and opting for paperless advertising is a step towards having an eco-conscious organization.

When it comes to convenience, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, rate of return and reputation, nothing beats text message marketing.  If you want to see what text marketing can do for your business, contact Local SEO Ranking Services, where your success is our business and mobile marketing is our specialty.

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