3 Ways to Use Video if You Own an Offline Business

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3 Ways to Use Video if You Own an Offline Business

Video marketing is not just for businesses with an established web presence.  Even if your business operates completely on an offline basis, it could benefit greatly from web video marketing.  All you need is some inexpensive equipment, an idea you want to present, a video host, and a very basic knowledge of web account set up and video uploading.  Additionally, content sharing sites like YouTube (which is the second largest search engine in the entire world) are free to use, so you really have no reason not to expand on your business’s marketing plan by using video.  Ready to get started?  Here are three ways to use video if you own an offline business:

Introduce yourself and your business.  Record a walk-through of your shop, warehouse, factory, or office and explain to customers exactly what it is that your business does.  Also take some time to familiarize viewers with your business’s key players.  That way, you are putting a face to your business’s name and providing potential customers with a positive and personable first impression.

Use video to promote a sale or special.  The best way to advertise a deal is to put it in front of the literally millions of people who use the internet.  Create a short, concise video highlighting your business’s coupons or price reductions.  Remember that the Internet allows you to communicate in real-time with potential customers, so you can update your videos as often as you like.

Demonstrate how your product or service works in your video.  A great way to impress on customers the importance or value of your product is to show them how it works.  If you do that on video, then you exponentially increase your potential customers – customers who otherwise would not be able to visit your store in person to ask how to use your product.

Once you produce the video (or videos) you choose to represent your business with, it is time to get noticed.  Set up free accounts on all the major social networking sites, like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, then upload your videos.  Also, don’t forget that avenues like eBay, blogs, and Google Places can also be very valuable tools for your video marketing.  Be sure to link your accounts so that your fans, followers, and viewers can spread the word easily and naturally.  If it seems like a daunting task to set up all of those accounts and upload all of your videos, look into a mass-upload service, which will do all the footwork for you.  Put your video marketing into capable, professional hands by contacting us, Local SEO Ranking Services, for your web marketing needs.

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